Success Stories From the Lives We Touch

dan fowler“Alex Iglecia makes the connection between how we move and how we succeed more apparent than anyone I’ve seen. He makes content and consciousness practical so the rest of us can create and lead others out of the box.”

Dan Fowler
Founder, The Imagination Institute

Marcia Wieder “Because it (presentation at the Wealthy Visionary Conference) was orgasmic!
That’s incredible. That’s a gifted teacher”

Marcia Wieder
Founder Dream University and Wealthy Visionary Conference

jill miller yoga tune up “Alex weaves together the scholarly, the playful, and the transcendent in every class.
He is a seasoned somatic tour-guide who helps students live better in their bodies.”

Jill Miller
Founder, Yoga Tune Up®

testimonials-scott-millsBefore working with Alex, I wanted to get clear on what I truly needed to change so I could feel really excited about the next year of my life and business. I loved the amazing therapy ball work, self-care skills, and had great insight into my vision. The experiences were very cool.

Now I’m really looking forward to a business filled with even more play and freedom. Alex’s deep understanding of the body and mind connection gives him a tremendous capacity to help you open both wide open.

Scott Mills, PhD,

Alex helped me to find my vision, voice, and inner Awesome in preparation for a big interview. He created a personalized product that helped me prepare mentally for the stressful event, and it was like a magic wand that allowed me to be uninhibited by my past, to truly be my best self and to perform at my highest level possible. He helped me to synthesize my thoughts into inspirational ideas. I am still buzzing at how proud I am of myself for overcoming fear and doubt.

I would recommend Alex to anyone that knows (or hopes) that they can achieve more than they think, anyone searching for their best-selves, anyone that wants to lead or innovate from a place of true integrity, or really, anyone.”

Monica I. Bennett

testimonials-heather-furbyAWESOME! I wanted to work with Alex because I needed to feel more grounded and connected to my life. He promised a new way to have fun, be creative AND get back in my body – a perfect mix. What I got was even more…there was fun, laughter and creativity… AND I learned that I really do believe in myself and my business.

Alex is insightful, caring and has creative ways of helping you notice patterns and releasing the ones that aren’t helpful. Extremely valuable!

Heather Furby
Co-Founder, Creative Age Leadership


brendon mahoney Alex does a remarkable job maximizing your performance with subtle ways of thinking that don’t come readily naturally. The result is a like a monk, or like Neo fighting Agent Smith, he gives that “enlightened performance” to the athlete. It’s really remarkable and it really works.

Alex is the ultimate life coach for Crossfitters, and the most profound result I got from him was how to mentally approach a competition before it starts and stay calm and collected while pushing myself. Any leader stands to gain a lot of performance, self-knowledge, self-coaching techniques, with really effective mental tools for staying strong, confident, focused, and calm cool collected in the heat of battle.”

Brendon Mahoney
Entrepreneur and owner of San Mateo Crossfit

Grateful that with your help, I’m becoming the man I want to be in this life. I am thankful for our time together. All of your gifts and teachings that are integrated into my life.

Thank you for being on my journey.”

Scott M., Vice President

Alex Iglecia is an educator and incredible communicator and has a gift for synthesizing complex concepts so people can actually use them and impact their lives.”
Lashaun Dale
Modern Fitness Expert

“You continue to be an inspiration in my life. Thank you for always being there. You are amazing and I appreciate you for all that you are. I admire my strength and clarity working with you.

My connection to my purpose has never been stronger than with you. Please for the love of God, continue what you are doing. You are on the right path. You make an impact. One of your biggest fans,

Jillian, Mom, Team Leader

Really inspiring! This was an eye opener for me, and doing this has made me feel more confident in writing my book. I liked how you were easy to follow and your program was simple for anyone to incorporate into their life.

I think a lot of people, including myself, go from being inspired then self doubt begins to set in.

International Yoga and Fitness Expert and Upcoming Author

“Alex has a unique knowledge and process for causing breakthroughs in your effectiveness. He listens carefully to your particular situation and then leads you through exercises that will give you the ability to overcome. Not only have I found the exercises effective, Alex also goes above and beyond what other coaches do to make sure you are getting the results you want. I definitely recommend his services.”

Mark Meloon
CEO & Social Media Expert

I just want to let you know that you bring joy to my life every day. I have incorporated some of your embodiment exercises for embracing abundance (wealth, love, health), and offering my gifts to the world, into my daily ritual. This lights me up and energizes me every morning (and any other time of day I need a boost). I mention your name often with people who are feeling less than abundant. Thank you for this amazing gift, and just keep doing what you’re doing!

Kayte, Holistic Entrepreneur

Julia Flynn WerreI just can’t thank you enough for taking the time with me and help me resolve so many of my thoughts and feelings. I’ve been a business owner for over 10 years and have always had “stuff” hanging over my head. Wanting to move forward with my own creations and ideas has become harder for me as I’ve gotten older. Criticisms and cutting remarks of people in my life floating around in my head has paralyzed me and made me scared of my own potential successes.

Working with you, talking with you; clearing my head with you has been a fabulous and freeing experience.

I know that a mid-life crisis is more often something that men would experience (at least that’s the TV world’s idea) and that women haven’t been subject to those problems, but darn it, now I can see how prevalent it is that women, who are so integrated into the work-world, would be suffering from mid-life crisis, too. Not that my middle age issues were at hand and in the forefront of my mind when I spoke with you, but that was a revelation I’ve had since we spoke last week.

I can now see myself achieving more and better results, I can see how I will go hurdling through my own self-imposed glass ceiling and reach higher heights in my life. Thank you so much.

Julia Flynn Werre
CEO & Entrepreneur

“Alex Iglecia is an Arch Angel of Mastering the energy in a room. I have been blessed to have Alex in my rooms grounding my speakers and readying them for what is next since his participation in my first Dynamic Speaker Success Bootcamp.

One session, I attempted to take the stage without Alex working his magic and it was shocking to feel the discord after I had been so spoiled by the harmony I experience after Alex’s masterful art of embodiment.

Thank you Alex for your contribution to my speakers and to my own being in my authentic power. You are living your mission to cause people to be Epic!
Susan K. Kerby
Founder, Evolution of a Dynamic Speaker

“As Blink o Light yoga studio owner and founder I was able to let go and give in to the simple feelings of coexistence within my spirituality and see the larger community at hand.

It also brought me back to the multiple connections and subtle aspects of nourishment within my body. The movement-type breathing exercises allowed me to think outside the box and bring creativity back into my life.”

Christine Gyulasaryan
Owner, Blink to Light

“It was a particularly difficult day for me in my personal life and being able to feel comfortable in myself by doing your exercises almost brought me to tears. You are amazing.”

Arielle Rabier
Manager, lululemon burlingame

“My first thought was, “I don’t know about this guy.” That day I was still trying to figure out why I’m in this training and what I’m doing. I wasn’t ready to be challenged to drop all I know.

But when I think of what I learned from Alex what comes to mind is: Yes is no and black is white. Whatever we were used to, if we said white, Alex would always say black for fun.

The ultimate gift for me was to really learn to look in a different way, and that I can always come at a challenge from a different way.

Embody really means something to me now. Embody this move. Embody this thought. Embody this energy. This is – crazy.

The best day was the day we got to play. We got to embody a variety of feelings and movement. That was new to me – to consciously change my state. What movement would you use to get a certain state? Alex is an amazing idea guy, and can show you how to embody your most important ideas.”

Julie Bennett
Consultant and Yoga Teacher

You were perfect. Arrow direct hit, in the center of the target.
You blew us all away. You nailed it.


Michelle Mhyre
Yoga Teacher
Blogger, Devil Wears Prana

“Before working with Alex, I was very focused on exercise that gave me the most sweat and most exertion per minute allotted. I was reluctant to spend time thinking about my broader life and was not at all inclined to mix work and personal life with body health / movement.

With Alex, I began learning how issues in work or other aspects of life can and do impact the health of my body. I wanted better problem solving, and practiced letting go of preconceived notions about what my body could and would do could free up my mind for problem solving in other areas.

Mindful is the word that keeps coming to mind about Alex. He makes everything purposeful – every movement, every exercise – and the stated purpose generally had multiple meanings, with applications to the here and now and applications to other facets of life.

Now I find it so much easier to get into problem-solving mode rather than wasting time and energy on denial when the inevitable issues arise. I am handling more projects than ever and feel like my mind can more nimbly move from issue to issue or project to project without getting stuck on obstacles.

If you can’t see how what you worry about impacts the health of your body and the quality of your movement, Alex can help you see how everything works together. The result – improved performance all around!”

Karen Drexler
Chairman, CellScape Corporation
Chairman, Hygieia Inc
Serial medtech entrepreneur


“I’m so glad I missed my flight and came to your class!”

Woman who missed her flight home, after her first class with Alex.

I had already been practicing Yoga for 5 years when I met Alex. I loved his class right away. As I continued to take Alex’s classes, I knew he was the right teacher for me.

During my time with Alex, my younger brother passed away. I was overwhelmed emotionally on a very deep level. I had never felt my emotions this way or at this level. Alex always asked us where we were ‘at’ at the beginning of each class and one night I told him that I had a lot of pain and grief inside of me. At the end of that class, I had some relief. I think it was the following week that I approached Alex after class and told him specifically that I had lost a family member and was dealing with heavy emotions and could he help me.

I wasn’t sleeping. I needed some tools to help me ‘smooth out’ my emotions.

Alex reminded me of the UZAZU techniques he had been teaching us in class. We did some breathing together and in that moment, I had an instant awareness that I could contain my emotions and move with them and what was going on for me. More relief was on its way. I started using the techniques, on my own, and they have played a significant role in my recovery from this event over the last 9 months.

What I really appreciated about Alex was how he kept his classes fresh and new. He was always mixing it up (styles and techniques). We were always doing something different in the practice and he even had us change how we were positioned in the room at times. I always looked forward to class.

Looking back, working with Alex has made a huge difference. It has made me more ‘fluid’ in my everyday life and taught me how to remain grounded, content and stable while I am going through changes whether they be big or small.

I highly recommend working with Alex. Alex listens, he cares and he is ‘tuned’ in with his students and the people he is working with. This quality allows his students to receive the optimal benefit of whatever technique he is working on with them.”

Lisa Salazar
Cisco Systems, Inc. (Contractor)
Systems Analyst/Learning & Development Solutions Group


“I first met Alex some eighteen months ago while attending a yoga class at a local rock climbing club.

From the moment Alex walked into the room he instantly commanded our attention and his class totally engaged our bodies and minds.

His energy and sincerity can always be felt in his classes. His depth of knowledge concerning physiology coupled with his innate ability to share with his class the integration of body, mind AND spirit are unequaled.

His classes flow as flawlessly as do his yoga poses with a purpose and meaning for everyone. He always makes each and every student feel they are seen and that they matter as part of the class.

My criteria for working with someone like Alex is all about the presence and exchange of energy. Alex’s energy is powerfully subtle, stunningly intuitive and humbly compassionate.

I recommend Alex for his excellence as an instructor and his selfless commitment to help others. I would consider any organization most fortunate to have him as part of their team.”

Debi Moore


I have never met a more creative yoga teacher than Alex. He is incredibly gifted with words and insight and is able to weave humor, anatomy, self-reflection and body awareness into each and every class. He breaks down poses into their simplest form so that those at all levels can enjoy his class safely and effectively.

Alex has a way of capturing my interest so I am able to work my body without any tension or strain. I highly recommend Alex’s class to anyone interested in feeling better in yoga and life!

Thanks Alex!”

Jill Rytand MPT
(Master’s in Physical Therapy)


“Alex’s UZAZU classes were rather a long drive for me to attend, and the distance could have very easily prevented me from attending.

Alex always makes his students feel valued and important. He accomplishes this in many ways. Not only do you feel cared for in conversations and classes with him, he creates an environment where you feel comfortable enough to move, feel, and experiment outside of your normal ‘sphere’ of comfort easily. This non-judgmental atmosphere fosters growth and inquisitiveness in his students.

Alex not only helped me open my mind to possibilities of mind-body connections that I did not or was not willing to see previously, he helped me with physical problems that I still see the benefits of daily!

After talking with many of Alex’s students, I have yet to find one that only likes him ‘a little bit’. Nearly everyone I’ve ever discussed Alex’s classes with had an immediate response of ‘Man, that was great! I learned so much about my (blank), and my (blank) feels so much better! I do his (blank) every day now!

Finishing Alex’s classes always left me with an invigorated feeling of wanting to know, feel and experience more. I always felt that I was a better person walking away.

He has such a vast and unique combination of experience that he draws from, it’s like having 20 teachers all rolled up into one. The challenge is getting everything you can from him!

Thanks again for everything Alex…I hope we get to work together in the future many times!”

Joel Pattinson
Violinist and owner of the South Bay String Academy, rock-faller extraordinaire


I am usually happy after a yoga session but your class is something else.
Thanks for all you’ve given us.”



“Alex gave a three-day Integrated Embodied Anatomy course for my PURE YOGA Teacher Training. I appreciated that Alex was professional, thoughtful, knowledgeable, good listener who responded thoughtfully to our questions and respected our time. Alex’s energy level, engaging teaching style and enthusiasm for the material made what could have been a dry weekend – captivating.”

Carol Allison
Yoga Teacher


“On the physical level Alex has a deep knowledge of anatomy and technique and teaches movement classes (yoga and UZAZU) that are fun, inquisitive, safe and mind opening. He guides the way for his students by modeling his own desire for self knowledge and evolution.

Alex articulates this wisdom in a way that helps students to look inward and find their own wisdom within their body and experience. He is the perfect teacher if you are interested in self knowledge and transformationto become more evolved in your life and relationships.”



“It’s hard to put into words how important Alex’s meditation classes have been to my meditation practice. His classes provided a firm base on which my fledgling meditation practice has grown.

Alex has extensive knowledge of many different meditation techniques and he weaves different focusing and breathing techniques into both his 20 minute and hour long classes, with so many techniques I would not have read in a book.

Alex’s early morning 20 minute class was a peaceful and emotionally strengthening way to start the workday, and at the same time it taught me the benefits of practicing everyday. His evening classes taught me how to meditate deeply and how to use meditation to tackle a variety of personal goals.

I learned that you do not have to do yoga before meditation, so it is available anytime, anywhere for me. Before I took Alex’s classes, I meditated for a short time in the mornings, focusing only on my breathing. If my mind wandered, I had no ‘tricks’ to keep it focused. Today I still practice a short morning meditation on a regular basis and meditate for longer periods of time a few time per week. I and am able to meditate for longer periods and am beginning to experience the benefits and make connections between my mind, body, and spirit. I still use the techniques I learned from Alex. The key to Alex’s teachings is that he presents a wide breadth and depth of approaches. I can use what works for me. I would highly recommend him to both the beginner and experienced person.”

– Beth D