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What change would create greater results for you and your team?  How would the world benefit from your epicness?

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Raise your Energy, from The Wealthy Visionaries Conference with Alex Iglecia, MA

Turn On Your Potency, at Thrive Academy with Alex Iglecia, MA
“Being Epic in your Business” Interview with Kathleen Zemansky at Voice America

Hand to Hand Combat Insight that Reveals your True Purpose, Choose Yourself SF

Alex Iglecia, MA helps people discover their secret powers to make the impossible possible. He’s a generator of experiences and skills that strengthen movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, speakers, coaches and change-agents who are dedicated to creating a better world.

Marcia Wieder “(Your presentation at the Wealthy Visionary Conference) was orgasmic! That’s incredible. That’s a gifted teacher”

– Marcia Wieder, Founder Dream University and Wealthy Visionary Conference

Alex Iglecia offers high-impact and personalized experiences through keynotes, trainings, workshops and retreats. He helps audiences discover a level of potency for themselves that inspires, empowers and delivers pragmatic change immediately.

Your group will have the alignment, confidence, clarity and connection they need.

Being EPIC Speaking

Optimized Keynotes, Talks & Training

Alex Iglecia delivers customized experiences to impact to your group. He brings stories and tools that give people total permission to succeed, the clarity to never be nervous, and the energy and space to never give up. Themes include:

  • Reveal the Bigger Game You’re Playing
  • Movement for Movement Leaders
  • Self Defense Principles for Self Mastery
  • Being EPIC in Your Business & Life

Being EPIC Facilitation

Workshops, Trainings & Retreats On and Off-Site

These deeply immersive Evolution Playgrounds deliver fantastic resources and great connection to vision and purpose. Alex simplifies years of personal inquiry and teaching experience into easy tools and practices your team can use immediately. Alex will facilitate individuals on your team one-to-one to:

  • Create the team alignment that achieves the mission
  • Activate roles and passion in all stakeholders to solve the unsolvable
  • Leadership development beyond the box

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Facilitator and speaker, Alex Iglecia, is a former NASA Engineer and born-again Ninja turned Mind-Body Expert, Change Catalyst and Impact Alchemist with deep resources, effective tools and a fun sense of humor that works.

His experiences creating success after hitting rock-bottom financially, physically, emotionally, and in his marriage, have given him the clarity to help others own their value and know their purpose quickly, so they never have to give up and quit any endeavor they choose.

Alex has a Masters in Conscious Evolution, two black belts, is an international speaker, and has shared the stage with success and conscious leadership experts. He has worked directly with founders of cutting-edge body-mind and healing practices and is on a mission to help people move forward with joy and authenticity.

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Key Tools and Take-Aways

  • Skills for Optimized Self Care for Busy Leaders
  • Conscious Communication for Collaboration
  • Getting Unstuck in Minutes
  • Working with and Clearing Limiting Beliefs
  • Personalized Tools for Personal Growth
  • Deep Clarity with Vision, Mission & Purpose
  • Embodiment, the next leadership trend after Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Eliminating the Force of Resistance
  • Conscious Evolution, Conscious Exercise, Conscious Embodiment

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