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What is your contribution?

What’s your contribution?

Your contribution is hidden inside the bigger game you’re already playing. That’s why it feels so wrong and heavy when people tell you you’re playing small. They don’t know how to recognize the contribution you be, you bring, you do, in everything you do. So their judgment takes you out and gets you off track because […]

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Is anybody waiting for you?

What if nobody is waiting for you? But it seems like we’re waiting for… For what? I tend to wait. Too long. For what? That no one is waiting for you may sound harsh because some of us have been waiting for our spouses, our parents, or something outside us to get their shi*t together before […]


Self Care BS and What To Do Instead

Here’s what’s wrong with self care and part of why so many people resist it. Originally posted here. Self care does NOT equal rest, awareness, mindfuless, adjusting the environment, being gentle, kind, doing yoga, breathing, pleasure, or any other *should*! So many calls to self care are lopsided. That’s why they’re irrelevent and don’t help, […]

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How to Immediately Create the Space to Be You and Magnetize the Right People for Your Purpose on this Planet

Let’s start with how NOT do Immediately Create the Space to Be You and Magnetize the Right People for Your Purpose on this Planet. Stay alone: justify that you’re right, you already know, and they’re wrong. Create nothing: atrophy your ability to be and feel valuable. Try to be something you’re not: lose all sense of your purpose […]

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How to Make Miracles on Purpose / Accident

Something felt wrong. Time was almost up with a small private group of people, one of which was one of the world’s greatest big wave surfers. I felt like an outsider, didn’t know what was wrong. What happened blew my mind. I’m going to allow myself to generalize: we all have something we want. Dreams, goals, relationships, […]

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Before Planning, Do This

Before Planning… Have you noticed that everyone is talking about goals and planning? Goals and planning seem to work well for other people, but do they work for you? How much have you achieved based on goals? How much have you achieved despite goals? I’m willing to bet you’ve achieved more without goals and you’ve […]

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Why You Should Never Be Your Best

Never Be Your Best! Whaaaat? Do you ever try to be your best? Do you ever claim to have done your best? This is for you, dear bestie. Too much of my life has been driven by the need to be liked. I want you to like me – so I’ll make this or that […]

Six Stages of Turning a Tough Conversation into Great Connection

Turn Tough Conversations into Great Connection

I had a tough conversation during a drive to speak in the Bay Area. Maybe you don’t have many struggles, but I feel like I’m wrestling with myself against something, most days. That’s why I’m always looking to understand the basics of what works, and why, and find the authentic win for everyone. Do you […]

breaking to be unbroken

Breaking to Be Unbroken

We all have our wounds. While our past is not an excuse to be a victim, healing something that happened long ago in a neighborhood far, far away, can release the sandbags and allow you to fly. How do you heal when you don’t know what’s hurting? My mom told me told not to squat […]

antifragile voice inside thanks for being epic

Antifragile Voice Inside (3/3)

You, yes you. I’m talking to you. Your homework is to watch Amanda Palmer’s TED talk, The Art of Asking. I’ll give you four reasons why in just a moment, but first will you take a short journey with me now to connect with the voice inside you? Imagine that you’ve lived your whole life […]