Being Epic In Your Life

Hello Stardust.

You are pragmatic, practical, mystical stardust. Isn’t every molecule in your body from a supernova long ago. It’s true! And the universe’s story has been unfolding for a very long time to give birth to you so you can do your epic thing on this planet. Now that the truth is out about you, let’s talk.

What do you dream about? Because the home and heart of your dreams call forth an equal and opposite resistance.

What do you resist? Because the unique ways you resist are exactly what have created your strength.

Weird, but true, and the way to open the doors to the epicness inside you is to face everything.

The magic can happen, results can show up, and you can have the epic life that you came to live.

I woke up the hard way.

I have faced how I crushed my own creativity when I was told DO NOT WRITE THAT about the fantasty p*rn I wrote in 5th grade…

Learned to heal my body after decades of believing I was broken even though no one saw me as broken.

The ambulance driver said I should have died in that car accident.

I only discovered how to understand my contribution in the world after going into debt to transform my life didn’t work out too well.

It led me to rock bottom. Financially. Twice. I was a week away from losing my marriage…

So if you’re feeling trapped, stuck and buried alive even though you KNOW you’re great, I can relate. 

Today I live in Hawaii as a creative facilitator, a generator of experiences and skills that strengthen movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, speakers, coaches and change-agents who are dedicated to creating a better world. I love to share epic tools to help people reveal their personal blueprint for success. You will, if we play together, be put us to the test: are you playing full out and being epic?

Do you want to know what turned it around?

Epicness. Inside your epicness is the commitment that’s truly easy to keep. The integrity that’s natural love. The strength to feel at home in your body and on the planet as you become the person you came to become. You already have that in you. Would you like to reveal it?

Block and barriers and sabotage and shadow work… it’s all valuable but you can get lost as a leader in your own life without your true foundation.

What’s your true foundation?

Your’e here for many reasons, not just one. You’re here for many gifts not just one. You’re here for so much purpose and contribiution it will make you head spin to embrace it. It will make your heart smile to be it.

Start with “Being Epic in Your Business & Life” Discovery Session


Thanks for being epic!

A “Being Epic in your Business” Discovery Session is perfect for you if you have a powerful message and many gifts that change lives and you’re ready right now to have greater results show up with passion, purpose and play. Is that you? Great!

I know that despite everything you’ve accomplished so far, something in you desires mores. More clarity. Confidence. Power. Happiness. Love.

My gift is to show you exactly how to access your hidden powers for the epic life you came to live. You can have what you’ve been asking for.

Ready? Are these true for you? Then apply for your gift session with the blue button.

  • Do you want to have more alignment, power, clarity, and ease?
  • Are you feeling confused, frustrated, or stuck about some old pattern or belief?
  • Do people see the greatness in you, and you do too, and it’s time to unlock more it?
  • Are you feeling a YES in your body right now?

What does being epic mean for you?

Here are some amazing people not unlike you who chose Being Epic for themselves first.

REDISCOVER YOUR DREAM: A father, writer, husband struggling in a challenging marriage was struggling to make money and honor his spiritual and creative callings. Now he’s become more confident, clear, powerful, has got a book publisher and continues his life with more magic and alignment.
CONSCIOUS COUPLING: A powerful pair was struggling in their partnership because of the tension between their dreams, blocked passion and love for each other.
HEAL YOUR PAIN: A corporate tech VIP hired Being Epic to help with physical challenges and pain and learn how to improve his movement and healing. Our work impacted his ability to direct the process of change and handle the emotional complexity exasperated by pain, increased resilience, confidence and happiness at work and with his family.
ALIGN THE TEAM: An international non-profit hired Being Epic to facilitate the alignment of roles and passions of staff, executives and board around how to solve a huge problem and fund it. We used the Map your Magic process to create trust and connection, and emergent conversations to connect the right dots for innovative solutions.
CONNECT FEARLESSLY: A group of international young entrepreneurs discovered their deepest gifts in an hour and shared them without struggle with their peers, creating authentic bonding and eliminating the unconsious comparing and competing that was holding back their collective genius.
EMBODY YOUR MESSAGE: An innovative event leader hired Being Epic to create a Signature Movement System® for his event to make sure participants learned and embodied the experience fully.
HAVE IT ALL: A creative entrepreneur hired me because he wanted to grow his business AND have his big dream AND sort out his relationship with the mother of his daughter. His business and team have grown, he is active in his big dream AND he has a new love of his life while being an epic dad.
OPEN YOUR BODY TO WEALTH: The Wealthy Visionary Conference had us create a short energizing movement break to connect nearly 400 live participants and 1000 livestream participants to their big vision and be willing to network consciously and generously.
GIVING JOY: Being Epic threw a party to raise money for a gift Billboard to San Francisco that simply said, “Thanks for being epic.”
AUTHENTIC POWER: A media and marketing VP hired me because he wanted to step into his new VP role with authenticity and power and not the old-paradigm command and control. He also had a marriage of 20 years that was struggling. He became more present and congruent in his life, decisions and communications, more confident at work and at home.
STRUCTURE YOUR VISION: An award-winning comedian, coach and laughter-specialist hired me to help her make sense of the huge vision and enormous amount of content, while transcending limiting beliefs. As a result, she said that single session saved her more than 2 months of struggle and self-doubt.
OWN YOUR CALLING: A nurse practitioner and doctorate-level academic teacher struggled to create a body of work for women to know their wisdom. She evolved her vision and value to be completely alive and free of limiting agendas from society, business structures and self-imposed limitations. Today she is happier, more energized, and has increased her capacity to lead and teach her wisdom in any setting.
TRUST THE LEAP: A former executive and new entrepreneur chose to work with me because she had recently said yes to the big dream of her own company, but realized that trusting herself as an entrepreneur is different than as a corporate executive. We took her confidence and vision to the next level as she increased her commitment to her business AND her life without sacrificing anything. Today she’s healthier and more vibrantly connected with her family.
POWERFUL RETREATS: Being Epic led a creative vision quest retreat for entrepreneurs that blended embodiment, self-care, emergence, and cupcakes. It was a blast.
REDUCE STRESS: An engineer hired Being Epic when he realized “this isn’t the life I expected by now”. He had heard of meditation and wanted a fresh perspectives with tools for more confident living and leading. He got strength, peace, calm and balance.

Connect with Alex

Alex Iglecia, MA Creator of Being Epic

Alex Iglecia, MA Creator of Being Epic

Alex Iglecia, MA helps leaders reveal the bigger game they are already playing and step into their greatness with ease. He has facilitated mission-driven teams move to their next level,power couples to trust & connection, purpose-driven founders to inspired action, and teachers, trainers, movers & shakers to their unique body of work. His epic gift is to help you transform the buried energies that take you out of alignment from your unique work in the world.

Alex is a former NASA Engineer and born-again Ninja turned Mind-Body Catalyst, with a Masters in Conscious Evolution & two black belts. As an international speaker, he has shared the stage with success and conscious business experts.

Now Alex lives in Hawaii with his amazing wife Beth and asks lots of questions: what if the emerging power within you could find its way? What if you embraced your epicness? What is next for you when you feel at home on the planet, with your business, in your body? Thanks for being epic.

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