Being Epic in Your Business | Being Epic in Your Life

You know how everyone’s talking about playing a bigger game and making an impact? If that’s working for you, great. If not, and I’m guessing it’s not really working that well, that’s because it’s based on a lie.

The first lie is you’re not enough and you should be epic.

The second lie is that you’re not doing it already.

The third lie is that is that you don’t know the greatness you have.

Being EPIC is about recognizing the core gifts and transformation you are. It’s about revealing your life’s message and doing your life’s work. 

Glad you’re here!

Have you already taken the leap with a fully embodied YES? Great, let’s create the optimal environment for success, inside and out. 

Are you resisting a dream? I resisted moving to Hawaii for 9 years and when I made a differenct choice, WOOSH!

Where are you feeling trapped? Lost? Stuck? With Being EPIC, you’ll get effective tools to unstick yourself and create your epic life for you.

Are you hitting rock bottom? I’ve been there too. Financially. Emotionally. I get it. My question to you is: what else do you know is true for you?

Thanks for being epic!

Alex Iglecia, MA Creator of Being Epic

Alex Iglecia, MA Creator of Being Epic

I’m Alex Iglecia, MA, creator of Being EPIC and spreader of this crazy message because people keep telling me it’s so powerful. And it’s changed my life.

I’m here to facilitate and generate the experiences and skills you need to strengthen yourself as a mover and shaker, and entrepreneur, executive, consultant, speakers, coach or change-agent who is dedicated to creating a better world. One that works for you the people you care about.

What’s being epic for you?

Being Epic in Your Business

Being Epic in Your Life